The metro is accessible to all. The trains are air conditioned that makes travelling a pleasant one. It has been a safe transport so far, as it features CCTV to put off crimes. The digital screens inside the Metro enable the people to advertise their brands. Parallel23, P24,DD Communications ventures into establishing your brands widely and making it reach your target audience in few seconds through our lively contents and visuals.

The Metro covers more than 20 major cities of Hyderabad and it has more than 100 screens. The number of commuters is plentiful and they are frequent users of Metro, so our gripping advertisements could capture their attention and make their heads turn towards your brands. The time the commuters spend inside the train would be around 15 minutes, so you can easily convey your brand power to each one of the passenger. Our packages are affordable and cost – effective as well. We do effective and reliable branding throughout the year.