Ground events
We help our clients with organizing public events such as star night shows, music concerts and dance shows. We manage Intellectual Property Rights efficiently for the Organizers and to protect and promote their interests, the Celebrity and the Participants. We work with the Organizing Committee to develop and employ fitting strategies to deal with various issues before, during and after the events.
Awards We arrange Award functions professionally. We help our clients with the name of the award, categories, themes, Content, Logos, Collaterals, Flyers, Posts and Marketing. The Copyrights is completely protected. We take care of the Promotions and help you in reaching the target audience as well.
TV, Kids, Movies We assist you when you get inspired from a TV program, a Kids Program or a Movie; we help you from infringement issues. There are many reality shows available at present so when you want to make use of the idea or the concept of any of the TV shows or if you want to remake a movie available in a different language, you can approach P24 and we will be with you throughout the process.
Industry We take care of the Copyrights of a movie, script, music, Trademarks, Technical innovation and Digital technologies. We make sure that IP rights are attached to everything that is required for film making.