At P24, we are launching VR/ AR services to make our clients consider us as a new – age technology is driven concern. By introducing VR/AR into our business, our customers will get familiarized with the world’s most advanced technologies.

Since Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality achieve more popularity recent years, we have decided to employ these to increase Customer experiences. Real Estate.We are going to make use of VR/ AR for real estates.

Our Professionals provide an easy and affordable approach to use VR/ AR to capitalize on the prospects to explicate the concepts to sustain the process of sales and you can bring your products and projects to life. Our services are set to modernize the real estate zone. Our 3D photography and 3 D video would create a great effect so the buyers can see the building premises from the Computer screens and can gain a sense of the space, style and the ambience without having a physical visit. Interior design We apply VR/ AR solutions into interior designs. Our designers efficiently use digital 3D modeling for interior creation. The approach lets to demonstrate the ideas of an Interior designer to their customers in the most understandable way. Automobiles We help the Automobile people with VR/ AR. They are the game changers in the industry. With VR/ AR, consumers can visualize a model of a particular car right from their home. It allows the customers see the future. With our advanced technologies, a car show room can show their customers how a paint job will look on their cars they want to purchase. This will create an impact on their business model and sales. Kids’ toys We get Kids playing and leaning with toys using VR/AR technology. We help the toy business companies in making VR/AR friendly flash cards, complete playing kits, brain development games and puzzles. These toys lead to creativity and improve freedom of expression. Innovations We are adapting the innovations such as AR enhanced theatres, inventions in medical field, AR product placement in shopping, enhancing pilot skills, 3D installation and restaurants with VR/AR. Events through VR At P24, we keep our customers up to date and involved with this revolutionary technology. VR/AR is reproduced at a commercial and consumer level. Most of the companies create their business models around VR/AR. These are well incorporated in events too. They serve to improve attendee experience as well. Pets We make the people aware of VR/AR pets. The virtual reality cats and dogs steal the show presently. They have more functions to perform. They are interactive and can play in and outside. We plan to work with the people who are launching these pets in future.


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